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        About the Team!

Here at Gaulos Dive Cove, We are a small yet professional team who offer you a truly personalized diving experience.

When diving with Gaulos Dive Cove, you'll experiencing the island on a much more intimate level during your holiday, probably why we see so many returning customers!

Our instructors are patient and relaxed maintaining a fun, enjoyable atmosphere while keeping safety the top priority.

With over 17 years experience diving the islands, our crew are the ones to show you all the beauty the island hides under the water's surface during your holiday.

We offer diving for all levels, from beginners (without any qualification) to pros in English, Italian  and Maltese.

Included in our services is complimentary door-to-door pick-up/drop-off to our recently refurbished Dive Centre, stocked with new, top of the line equipment.

Don't take it from us though, here's what others have to say....

"no rush/stress just fun".


"Between our family, we have logged over 250 dives and the most enjoyable ones have been with Gaulos Dive Cove"

"very helpful, warm-hearted and responsible."

Look no further to book your next diving adventure, contact us today!

Mario Bugeja
The Director of Gaulos Dive Cove
Diving Centre 


English, Italian and Maltese.


Mario Bugeja is the founder and director of Gaulos Dive Cove.

With over 18 years of experience  diving the local area and overseas.Mario is an excellent source of historical information on the Maltese islands, and has a hidden talent for glass making.


​Other interest


Hikes, swimming, free diving, mountain bike and gardening.

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