Gozo Dive Sites  

Cathedral Cave 

The cave, situated at the end of an outstanding limestone gorge where you find carved salt-pens along the coast also leads to the tranquillity of Ghasri Valley. There are two entry and exits points. One is from Ghasri valley, where you would walk down some steps that where curved into the cliff that leads down to a pebbly beach. The second entry is from a leader installed at the end of the gorge. The entrance of the cave is facing westerly direction. The entrance you will find it, at 16 meters where you`ll find boulders covered with soft corals and colourful sponges.  The best part of the dive is once you surface in a huge domed vault, air pocket known as Cathedral Cave. With a crevasse couple of meters above the surface on top of the entrance. It gives a breathtakingly combination of natural light and the luminescent blue coming from underwater that makes it an unforgettable memory.

North Coast 
Ras Il-Kanun Reef
Billinghurst Cave 
Reqqa Reef
Anchor Reef
Double Arch Reef
Calypso Cave 
Xwejni bay
Popular for its salt pans.Salt was a major commodity in the Mediterranean trade. It is a shore shallow dive and is suitable for all levels 
Dahlet Qorrot 
West Coast 
Dwejra dive sites combines interesting geology, both on land and underwater,rich diverse wildlife and habitats, dramatic seascapes dominated by a rocky shoreline. Today its a World Heritage site.
South coast 
Mgarr Ix-Xini
Shore entry and exit.
Mgarr Ix-Xini is a very spectacular valley. During the rule of the Order, it served as a small harbour for galleons. A small watchtower was built as coast gaurd the area in 1661.
Suitable for all levels. 
East coast 
Hondoq Bay
Shore entry and exit
Suitable for all  levels
Hondoq Bay is located below the village of Qala. 
Inland sea 
Xatt l`Ahmar Bay
Situated underneath a historical fort that was, built in the mid-18th century by the Knights of Malta. It`s a shore dive with three entry/ exit points. Excellent for beginners Where it`s starts from a shallow seabed that slopes down. It`s reef and boulders give shelter to schools of Salema and Breams and also octopus and Moray.
Hondoq Reef
Coral Cave 
Ras il-Hobz 
The Anchors
Crocodile Rock 
MV Karwela
Fungus Rock 
MV Comino Land
Xlendi Tunnel and Reef 
Shore Dive entry and exit
Suitable for all levels.
A Roman Shipwreck was discovered by a reef at its entrance
MV Xlendi
Tal - Fessej Rock

Comino Dive Sites  


Rozi Wreck

Malta Dive Site 

P29 Wreck
Blue Hole
Circewwa Reef
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